Butterflies and Hurricanes
Muse && Absolution
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Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

Your number has been called
Fights, battles have begun
Revenge will surely come
Your hard times are ahead

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religiousshitbaby respondeu à sua publicação “Gift of Life: Your muse has a weird power to turn inanimate objects…”


No, no sentinent. Although… vampires are sentinent and pretty much hate it when she summons them. Ask Gelland.

// That’s a good way to cause him to launch into a tirade. Just mention the word “summon” around him.

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Muse && Black Holes and Revelations
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Muse - Starlight

My life
You electrify my life
Let’s conspire to ignite
All the souls that would die just to feel alive

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//in the unlikely case someone would confess his love to wayland he would either run away screamjng, be like nahhhh or cry probably

// I wanna see this happen. So I will make this happen.

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"I’m not." Turning sharply, arms crossed, she glared at the vampire. The sun made her hair turn copper and getting in character, Arabella lifted her chin and straightened, face turning blank.

There was no more time for wondering, fear or doubts. Focus

She couldn’t smile yet, so she eyed Florence with a cool arrogance. Gelland was right, to a point. Her whole attire should change if she was to be made leader.

"They can see us from inside, I suggest we separate." Arabella nodded towards Olivia and Gelland."Follow us quietly, I’ll try to lure them to the greenhouse, hopefully Isa’s still there."

"You, sister, stay with me. The threat of backup will keep them on edge, they dislike people strolling about. You, though, will spike their curiosity."

Subtly Arabella touched the chain around her wrist, already planning to touch everything remotely useful on her way in.

Olivia nodded her agreement to the plan. It suited her perfectly. If Arabella could contain the coven in the greenhouse, that would hopefully give Olivia enough time to slip into the house and find at least one painting before shit went down. 

The shift in her demeanor was sudden, though not surprising. Only wise in such a situation. Olivia watched Arabella for a brief moment more before turning and blinking over to join Gelland. 

"Greenhouse roof?" she asked, looking up at him, her face serious and calm. 

She eyes Arabella right back with a similar expression- not that she wasn’t already arrogant to a point. She was happy to be beside her in this moment anyway- she was curious about the coven that had been causing Ella so many problems, as well as the potential power that lied within such a group. Aside from the Whalers, she had never met a group that practiced under the tutelage of a Marked individual, and they were hardly coven material.

So she just gave Arabella a nod, and flared out her gills a bit. She had enough confidence for the both of them anyway, she surmised. 

"Greenhouse roof," Gelland agreed. "I will follow you, lamb."

He stretched a hand out into the waning sunlight. His skin sizzled quietly, but regenerated fast enough to counteract the burn. Two anonymous bodies lay on a slab somewhere within the city morgue, drained of all their blood; a worthy sacrifice to ensure their success tonight.

Pulling his hand back, he turned back to Arabella, saying somberly, “If things go wrong, don’t summon me. We’ll both end up dying. If you need help, I will come to you.”

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Evil Ways (Justice Mix)
Blues Saraceno && Dark Country
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Blues Saraceno - Evil Ways (Justice Mix)

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Arabella appeared by the river, her shape materializing from nothingness before she opened her eyes.

It was nearing late afternoon and thesun already casted long shadow, the world filtered in a cheery yellow light. The Wrenhaven shone a bit green, always and forever clear and unchanged.

She pretended not to notice Florence as she emerged from the river, choosing to turn her back to the manor, sure they could be seen from the manor.

"I guess this is it." Every thread of her fate, of her life, hung on this moment, The outcome would change her, whether she liked it or not.

Still… it felt damning to come back, especially with outsiders even if her friends. AlliesArabella corrected herself, she didn’t trust one of them completly. 

Olivia was a wild-card; marked, unpredictable, uncontrollable and under the thumb of a mad-man. Gelland, the master manipulator was said madman and to Arabella’s distaste, Olivia’s puppy. Florence was…

Slowly the witch turned to Florence, crossing her arms. “They’re watching, sister.”

Olivia perched silently in the nearest tree, her Perception spread as far as it would go. No feelings or emotions could be sought at this distance, but at least she could scope out a rough layout and how many they would be going up against if it came to a fight. The odds weren’t particularly good. The witches outnumbered them and even though there were two Marked in the group… they wouldn’t escape without injury.

She let the Perception fall, shrinking back to the size of their group, focusing on Arabella. The woman felt, somewhere, deep down, what Olivia had sensed that night of her fight against Isabella - that Arabella no longer belonged in Brigmore. Good. Olivia watched her for a moment, flicking over the sensations towards Olivia, Florence, Gelland. She had to admit, there was truth in Arabella’s thoughts as she turned away. How much? Well. That was yet to be determined.

Olivia understood the situation. To some extent. She knew what Arabella’s beliefs were and knew they were not changeable, but she rather considered them misguided at best and self-delusional at worst. After the poisoning, after the confessions, after everything… she was going back? But Olivia said nothing. There was no point in telling Arabella this. It would only bring her animosity and that Olivia couldn’t afford. For Lea’s sake, for Gelland’s sake, and her own.

No. Her job was to ensure Arabella’s safety. Though her mission extended a little bit further than that.

Somewhere in the abandoned mansion lay paintings done by a master. A Marked. Delilah. And Olivia knew, she had to find those paintings. She had to understand the woman who came before her. It itched at her, a clinging bite she couldn’t reach.

So she perched in the tree, listening in silence to the others, unmoving.

Along the river of Brigmore manor, Florence rose from the water, dripping and sodden, like she almost always was. She stood out looking at Olivia and Arabella, and grinned at the both of them from the edge of the river. She had known it was coming- Ella’s disillusionment with the coven, and the desire to form her own. And Olivia… well, she admired her greatly already- so young and possessing the potential for such intense power… it was exhilarating to be part of a group with such individuals. 

And Brigmore… well… Brigmore had potential as well. “I can sense them, let them watch all they wish.”

Cast by the thick, twisted trunk of a nearby tree, a deep shadow moved, changed, and Gelland suddenly stood leaning against it, watching the witches in silence. His usual cheery, faintly-mocking demeanor was gone; he was alert, and looked intensely stoked about the outcome of this evening’s events. There was a knife in his hands; he played idly with it, shifting it from one hand to the other.

"Relax, Arabella," he said at last. "If your sisters smell fear, they’ll tear you to shreds. And even we won’t be able to save you."

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Iron (acoustic)
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Woodkid - Iron (acoustic)

I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste
Of the blood on my lips, again
This steady burst of snow is burning my hands,
I’m frozen to the bone, I am
A million mile from home, I’m walking away
I can’t recall your eyes, your face

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Stabat Mater
Woodkid && The Golden Age
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Woodkid - Stabat Mater

The past is sucked by quicksands, I’m afraid
Hey, do you recall when the war was just a game?

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{{ Warning: Feels ahead. }}

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